Antenatal Pool Exercise Classes

Our antenatal classes are for pregnant ladies between 13 to 40+ weeks. Sometimes with a doctor’s recommendation they may start earlier. To assist with controlling class size please ring to book before attending.

We have both day and evening antenatal classes to cater for working mums-to-be or to allow for partners to come home to babysit – and make tea if you are lucky!

They involve:

  • Antenatal pool classes in our dedicated Howrah hydrotherapy pool
  • Physiotherapist’s advice about current problems
  • Gentle warm up
  • Circulatory exercises for potentially swollen feet and legs
  • Trunk control/stability work for core muscles to prevent/ease pelvic and low-back pain
  • An upper body circuit for strengthening the arms/upper back in preparing for bubs arrival
  • Some gentle supported swimming
  • Pelvic tilt control
  • Pelvic floor
  • Balance exercises, as your centre of gravity has changed
  • The chance to have a tepid spa – it is not hot so there is no problem using it in pregnancy

It is not an aerobic class, and usually most ladies get a chance to chat and ‘compare notes’ with other pregnant ladies in the class!

The pool is available for one hour – the exercise component is for 45 minutes.

The bulk of the classes may be claimed through health insurance.

Also available:

  • Physiotherapy treatment/advice/support for musculo-skeletal problems in pregnancy and after delivery.
  • Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) Instruction in and hiring out of our ‘TENS’ machine for pain relief during labour. On a survey 80% of our ladies who were instructed in its use and hired it for labour highly recommend it. Most of the costs can be claimed through health insurance too.
  • Ultra sound for postnatal mastitis.