Physiotherapy Services

Physiotherapists Can Offer Many Treatment Techniques

In our treatment rooms we begin with begin with a detailed assessment. Individual treatments are devised according to the results of the assessment, recommendations by other health professionals and on consultation with the client. This could involve manual joint and muscle treatment, postural advice, exercise programmes—both at the practice and ones to be carried out at home. Also if required, ultra sound, dry needling (a form of acupuncture), electrical stimulation, massage, taping, recommendations on supports / braces and lifestyle choices as well as other forms of rehabilitation
We also have a rehabilitation gym which can used in its own right or in conjunction with the treatment in rooms.

Aquatic Physiotherapy

Aquatic Physiotherapy is physiotherapy in water and the individual programme is devised after a land assessment. This could be physiotherapy treatment from within, or instruction from the pool side depending upon the individual’s needs. It is important that you let us know before entering the pool that if you may be adversely affected by any medical conditions.

We have an on-site, modern purpose-built, warm (35-36 degrees Celsius), 11 X 7 metre pool, varying in depth from 1.2 to 1.5 metres, so enabling a large range of exercises to be performed.


Hydrotherapy is when you can manage your exercises in the hydrotherapy pool independently and safely. You may use a laminated programme devised by our physiotherapist or other physiotherapists or it could be simply just walking in water on a doctor’s surgeon’s recommendation. Our pool also has massage spas which can complement your hydrotherapy session.

Dry Needling

Many people think that dry needling means acupuncture but in fact they’re not the same. Acupuncture is a treatment practiced in traditional Chinese medicine which is based on a body’s energy flow (“Qi” energy).

Dry needling is a treatment modality practiced by physiotherapists and it is based on western medicine and the knowledge of anatomy and neurophysiology.

Arthritis Management

We have the ability at Clarence Joint Therapy to assist you with the management of arthritis. Our treatment includes land physiotherapy treatment and exercise, aquatic physiotherapy treatment or a combination. Our aquatic physiotherapy treatments occur in our onsite hydrotherapy pool.

Disability Management

At Clarence Joint Therapy we are pleased to assist with the management of many types of disability through Physiotherapy in our rooms and gym, and Aquatic Physiotherapy in our own onsite warm accessible Hydrotherapy Pool fitted with a seated hoist if required. We accept Self and Plan Managed NDIS clients.