About Clarence Joint Therapy

At Clarence Joint Therapy we aim to provide excellence in staff and a unique facility that offers quality physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, rehabilitation and massage therapy to individuals and groups on the one site’

We call ourselves “Joint Therapy” as we provide a variety of quality rehabilitation and treatment services on one site.

Every week Australians see one of the 25,000+ physiotherapists around the country. It’s one of the most commonly made use of treatments for Australians. Physiotherapists offer a large range of services. In fact, anything to do with a condition that impacts your muscles, joints, or nerves might be helped by physiotherapy.

We offer high quality physiotherapy therapy for all musculoskeletal injuries and orthopaedic recovery. From the weekend warrior and work place injury, our physiotherapists will accurately detect your injury and put in place an evidence-based treatment plan to optimise your recovery.

Usual conditions treated under this banner include back pain, sprains, strains, arthritis, bursitis and workplace injuries. Lots of people associate physiotherapy with sporting injuries nevertheless it’s also made use of to help people improve mobility and wellness after disease or surgery.

Our aim at our Howrah located Physiotherapy Centre is for you to recover from your injury as fast as possible, with the included knowledge of home maintenance and avoidance approaches to guarantee your physical quality of life is not just returned, however boosted.

Our physiotherapists at Clarence Joint Therapy are regularly embarking on professional development and education courses guaranteeing that we remain at the forefront of proof based physiotherapy therapy. Our personnel and team of physiotherapists are committed to quality in providing quality care to clients in a compassionate and respectful way. We look forward to establishing a long-term and trusting relationship.

Our Facilities

  •  On site modern Hydrotherapy Pool. We have an on-site, modern purpose-built, warm (35-36 degrees Celsius), 11 X 7 metre pool, varying in depth from 1.2 to 1.5 metres, so enabling a large range of exercises to be performed.
    • Pool Design The pool has shallow steps with rails to assist entrance and exit. There is also a rail all the way around the pool to allow a firm hand-hold if needed for exercise, or for non swimmers’ security. The pool has a “wet deck” to reduce wave formation and facilitate entrance and exit.
    • Spa In the shallow end of the pool there are six jet-adjustable spa seats, so there is no difficult climbing into the deep separate spa. This allows for muscle relaxation with the massage of the warm water jets.
    • Pool Equipment We have a hoist for people who cannot use the pool steps. We also have a large variety of floats and buoyancy aids are available to be used to support, assist or resist movement.
    • Changing Rooms There are three changing rooms, one female, one male, and one disabled (for people in wheelchairs, or where carers may assist if a client needs help with dressing). Each has its own toilet and shower facilities. There is also a poolside shower. 
  • In Rooms Physiotherapy Treatment. We have several treatment rooms. Our sessions begin with a detailed assessment. Individual treatments are devised according to the results of the assessment, recommendations by other health professionals and on consultation with the client. This could involve manual joint and muscle treatment, postural advice, exercise programmes—both at the practice and ones to be carried out at home—ultra sound, dry needling (a form of acupuncture), electrical stimulation, massage, taping, recommendations on supports / braces and lifestyle choices as well as other forms of rehabilitation.
  • Rehabilitation Gym We have a dedicated rehabilitation gym area with general exercise machines for resistance and strengthening including bikes and treadmill and for the upper body. We also have balance training and weight resistance equipment, which we may recommend that you acquire for yourselves to optimise your recovery or to help manage chronic conditions. Miriam Fletcher is also a Nordic Pole Walking instructor and can get you started with your own Nordic Pole Walking routine at home.
  • Massage Therapy We have an accredited Remedial Massage Therapist on staff allowing massage to be claimed through health insurance. This can complement other physiotherapy treatments and be performed on the same day.